Whitney Peterson, Celebrity Publicist

“I like pushing my boundaries and trying things that make me nervous – most of the time those are what end up being the most fun! [Laughs] I went to university to become a school teacher and in my last semester decided to move to LA and become a publicist. I haven’t looked back since and it has been the best decision of my life. I love my job and working with my clients. I enjoy meeting new people and traveling to exciting places. The whole thing has developed me as a person and made me a more understanding human being. My favorite places so far have been Greece, Berlin, New Zealand and Rio, Brazil. I am going to Tokyo for New Year’s Eve this year and I couldn’t be more excited. The fashion in Shibuya has me seeing stars – I might never leave!

I try to always just pack a carry-on when possible. I start with the main purpose of my travel in-mind. Am I going there for a press tour? A premiere? A formal event? I’ll make sure that is taken care of first and then build off of that. If I am going for a press tour, can I throw on a coat and heels and turn it into an outfit for a dinner meeting? Another thing I always do is pack similar colors. Blacks, whites, and beiges all go nicely together. I’ll also pack a few key bursts of color (red purse, gold heels, etc) to break up the monotony. Sometimes packing a carry-on is impossible – especially if you plan on shopping, and I always plan on shopping! [Laughs] So I’ll plan ahead, suck it up and take the large suitcase. I always have my iPhone and (9 times out 10) my 4lb chihuahua Berlin with me. She goes with me to the office with every day and travels with me on business trips within the US.

My fashion style changes depending on my mood. Sometimes I am feeling dark and grungy and I am drawn towards Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent. Most of the time I’m feeling sunshine and flowers though, which means I’m in love with designers like Erdem, Christopher Kane, and Miu Miu. I am fascinated by designers like Gareth Pugh who are really more like artists. There is so much copying and imitating in the fashion world so I admire designers that just go out there and do their crazy thing. That is also why I am excited to see what Jeremy Scott is going to do with Moschino now that he is creative director. In terms of style icons, Elsa Schiaparelli is my ultimate. She was a genius of her time, best friends with Salvador Dalí and loathed by her rival Coco Chanel. Her iconic hats in their “shocking” pink boxes as well as her insane Lobster dress created in the 1930s – girl had Gaga beat by eighty years! [Laughs]

I have finally put my love (some call it an obsession) of vintage clothes to good use. I started “Let Them Eat Cake Vintage” a few months ago as an online Etsy shop. The shop contains beautiful items that I have collected over the years and continue to collect today from my travels all over the world. There is delicate lingerie from Paris, dope jackets from London, and chic dresses from Vienna. Everything is hand selected with care and thought, and I try to buy only unique pieces with the sophisticated and creative vintage shopper in mind. I am starting to sell my pieces at pop-up events around town and at local flea markets. My goal is to have a permanent store in the near future, but for now you can you can shop online.”

I love my hometown of Los Angeles. I live in the artsy area of Silver Lake, an eastside community bustling with creativity. I have a little bungalow that feels sort of like a tree house. I love walking down to L&E Oysters – amazing food with a great wine list. I could eat at Sugarfish downtown every single day and still not get sick of it – their sushi is out of this world! If I could live at a museum it would be the Getty. The flower garden there is so beautiful, especially in the springtime. I love packing a picnic with wine and spending hours catching up with friends on the grassy hill.

There is this vintage store on Beverly Blvd called Polka Dots & Moonbeams. I can’t help but smile whenever I step inside. [Laughs] It feels like I am stepping into a universe created by unicorns and mermaids and starlets of a time long since past. Pink boas and jeweled tiaras line racks packed to the brim with taffeta and tulle and velvet gowns. It truly is a magical place where my dreams always come true! My favorite coffee spot is LAMILL Coffee down the street from my house. So many different kinds of coffee and caffeinated beverages to choose from, it’s almost overwhelming. But once you find your personal fix you’re sold. Oh and their donut holes paired with caramel and whip cream (not on the menu) are INSANE!”

– Whitney Peterson, wearing a vintage fox fur, Prism sunglasses, Prada heels, a vintage top and Cheap Monday, photographed by Alexander Atkins in Los Angeles. Shop Let Them Eat Cake Vintage by clicking here.











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