Chopt & The City

Knowing where and what to eat in New York can be quite overwhelming, because (and if you didn’t already know) the city is full of options. My husband Justin and I enjoy working out and eating well, which in turn means we constantly crave healthy and balanced meals. But if there’s one thing that’s essential, it’s that our food needs to be tasty – because what’s the point if not to eat deliciously? 

Thankfully we both discovered Chopt Creative Salad Co. a few years ago, and have been regulars ever since. Their innovative flavors and farm-fresh ingredients equate to some of the tastiest bowls and salads I’ve ever tried. My favorite? I typically customize the Harvest Bowl, choosing cauliflower rice instead of warm grains and arugula in-lieu of marinated kale, with classic balsamic vinaigrette on-the-side. Chopt’s bowls and salads are all completely customizable, which I love because it means you can really pick and choose the exact ingredients you want to eat. Justin usually gets a Classic Cobb Salad, adding extra grilled chicken and avocado.

Next time you’re in town and looking for a healthy and delicious pick-up or delivery option, try Chopt. Click here to start your online order or locate your nearest location. This post is powered by Chopt.

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