Custom Closets are Key

I can now verify that a custom designed closet drastically improves overall quality of life. Suddenly everything is efficiently organized and easy to find – something I haven’t experienced since leaving my parents home almost 15 years ago. Aesthetically speaking I’m thrilled. After struggling with an awful built-in that felt flimsy, Justin and I finally decided to contact California Closets and get serious about our shelves. After meeting with designer Keith Johnson, we settled on a black interior featuring four hanging zones, shelving and a huge set of stacked drawers.

The custom California Closet was cleverly designed to extend to the ceiling, maximizing space by adding a hidden row of shelves above the door line (which I use to store knits and other chunkier soft items). The final result is super sleek. I love that opening the closet feels like stepping into another room, especially when both mirrored doors are wide open and the closet lights come on.


what do you think?