The Lust List by Sally Spratt

Does anyone else feel like Instagram has become the ultimate black hole that sucks you in with no prospect of escape? Let me explain; you open your feed and begin to happily double-tap away. Soon you’ll click a hashtag, which inevitably leads to another. And another (they’re all so fascinating right?). Before you know it you’ve spent thirty vacuous minutes perusing a string of random users and god knows how many ‘lifestyle’ brands (hell, you’ve probably entered a giveaway or two). Aside from the obvious, (i.e. social media is at-once engaging and incredibly time consuming) there is always that lingering thought: ‘Is it at all possible to discover something great that doesn’t involve a selfie?’ In short yes, because I did. It’s Sally Spratt’s ‘The Lust List‘, a collection of watercolor drawings inspired by all things covetable. Intrigued and eager to learn more, I caught-up with Sally:

“Recently I decided to throw caution to the wind and leave my job as a graphic designer for an iconic Australian fashion label to concentrate on illustration and start my own business. Like anyone launching their own business, pockets are shallow! [Laughs] Despite my new way of life my appetite for fashion has not changed, so I settled with a “if I can’t have them, I’ll draw them” attitude. Everyday I post a beautiful product that I lust over – one day, I hope to own them!

I’ve been a bowerbird for years and continue to collect images from magazines, blogs, tumblr’s, Pinterest and now Instagram! The images depict everything from jewelry to jackets, candles to chandeliers and peonies to purses – when I fall in love with what I find, I collect it. I have a huge back log of enviable products in my image bank.

A lot of what I choose to draw depends on my mood. If I am feeling relaxed and inspired I’ll start illustrating the beauty pieces and candles. And if I’m ready to let my hair down I’ll draw anything that sparkles and looks like fun! [Laughs] There are occasional pieces in the mix I would probably never wear – but that love the idea of – and others that I wish I could add to my wardrobe yesterday!

In terms of personal style my aesthetic is quite eclectic and varied. When illustrating at home I’m usually in denim shorts and an over-sized white tee. I love a touch of leopard print, big sunglasses and fine jewellery. I am very relaxed with fashion and enjoy throwing together different looks. I am always playing with my wardrobe…. and my flatmate’s!”

– All illustrations courtesy of Sally Spratt. Click here to visit The Lust List on Instagram, and here to visit Sally’s website.





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