Dr. Martens x Pendleton

I am not, nor have I ever pretended to be a huge fan of the heavy, clunky ‘boot’. It’s all a bit aggressive, too dark, très intense – no matter what Lenny Kravitz says. Granted I’m more of a classic boot type (think Gucci or Prada – refined, sleek etc), BUT it’s no secret that Dr. Martens are – or rather should be – staples in most everyone’s wardrobe (and don’t actually fall under the aforementioned clunky boot category). Also don’t we all remember buying / receiving our first pair of Doc’s? It’s pretty much a rite of passage. Mine were basic black boots that just slipped-on (i.e. they were so easy – especially considering my seven year-old self’s struggle with shoe laces).

So when I heard that Pendleton Woolen Mills had collaborated with Dr. Martens using a mixture of ‘Santa Fe’ and ‘Harvest’ stripes I knew I’d be game. Based in Portland, Pendleton’s vibe is predictably all-American (and by that I mean to say all-American lumberjack – which is a lot of fun, especially this time of year). And so all this talk begs the question; how do you wear print-heavy boots without the whole thing being too much (because, let’s face it, print-heavy situations can quickly become ‘too much’)? I wore mine with basic Acne jeans and a Banana Republic crew neck, which allowed the Docs (but really their print) to become the focal point. Basically they are the perfect injection of color for any dreary winter day – and (speaking from experience) a great conversation starter.

– Alexander Atkins, wearing Dr. Martens x Pendleton boots, photographed by Cara-Beth Rogers in San Francisco. Click here for more information and to purchase.





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