Jessica Craig, Fashion Publicist

“For me California style is consistent with the three C’s: cool, casual, and chic. I love vintage prints cut with modern silhouettes. Chloë Sevigny embodies everything that style should be. I love her edge and admire the way she manages to incorporate throwbacks from the past while also supporting up-and-coming talent. She also rocks some serious Saint Laurent, obviously I’m a fan!

The best part of my job is working hard for a placement, and then seeing the fruit of my labor walking down the red carpet and getting praised in the press. [Laughs] And of course, the amazing jewelry I get to handle and work with… and sometimes wear!

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for seven wacky years, and in that time my own style has definitely evolved. I’d probably like to forget every outfit I ever wore between the ages of 18 to 20. [Laughs] My basic uniform was leggings, tunics, headbands, slouchy boots, and TONS of jewelry. I’m not sure what trends I was following – ‘Gypsy Undergrad’? Ha! To think I thought I looked good… it might have made me lose trust in my own judgement for a second! Recently my go-to uniform has been great pair of fitted and cropped black pants, ankle black leather booties and a printed blouse – usually leopard. If it’s summer I’ll wear a dress. I love a good floral-print sun dress. For winter I’m a fan of ‘librarian chic’. [Laughs] At least that’s what I call it! It’s basically a printed collar shirt (buttoned-up to the top) paired with a neutral or black sweater. I guess you could call this ‘layering’ but I prefer the more descriptive route. I’m all about the descriptions! I also recently re-discovered my Chloe trench in my closet. I can’t wait to whip it out for a more dramatic ‘Inspector Gadget’ ensemble. I also love fragrance, it’s everything. I’ve been a avid wearer of Chloe’s signature fragrance for a while. They just released Chloe Roses, and it is my new favorite. Fresh, feminine, with a dash of rose hip – perfect.

I live in downtown LA, so I’m really enjoying the foodie scene there. One of my favorite spots is Sugarfish. Everything is so good – it just melts in your mouth! I also love the creative, tasty and innovative dishes that Josef Centeno creates at Baco Mercat. For nightlife I’m all about Honeycut and its 80’s underground NYC disco vibe. For a more chill night I love grabbing pizza at Two Boots and OD’ing on wine at El Prado with my best pal in Echo Park. Abbot Kinney in Venice is also a must see for shopping and scenery. I always eat at Gjelina when I’m there.  

– Jessica Craig, wearing a Forever 21 sun dress (similar here), vintage reflective shades (similar here), vintage Guess jeans jacket (similar here) and Stephen Webster’s Studded Dome Ring, photographed by Alexander Atkins in Laguna Beach, California.

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  • I live in Palmdale, CA, like 40 miles north of LA and I just can’t wait to move to LA!


    • Awesome – J Craig definitely has some sweet spots to check out when you move!

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