Give Me Acne (Studios)

Did I ever think I would actively seek-out Acne? Had you asked me ten years ago I would have recommended you seek a shrink. I mean it took a good five years to banish ‘the blemish’, and even now the occasional unwanted visitor sprouts-up to say hello – and in doing so shatters any shred of confidence. BUT! This is quite different. Essentially I am something of a recent Acne convert. (If you’re dealing with Acne of the spotty-variety you may want to read this.)

Now listen up, because the point I’m about to make is incredibly simple. Acne Studios consistently produces the best jeans on Earth. The B-E-S-T, end of story. Tried, tested, worn and worn again, I only have praise for Sweden’s most relevant export (and yes, I’ve heard of ABBA, IKEA, etc). I suppose nothing beats old faithful and jeans, you see, should always be yours (especially when ‘old faithful’ fits so perfectly you’re convinced someone has spent a lot of time and expertise tailoring them to flatter and skim whatever excess inventory you may carry). I recently bought Acne’s ‘Max New Raw Slim-Fit Dry-Denim‘ jeans and, as you may have guessed, they’re excellent.

– Photographs by Alexander Atkins.


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