Men and Makeup: The Truth

It’s October, but really it’s honesty hour. And by that I mean it’s time to breach the whole men and their makeup topic. You might be going ‘life is about the blemishes – deal with them‘. Well, yes. There will be blemishes of varying shapes and sizes but the point is that no one needs (or wants) to see them, regardless of chromosomal makeup. Is it really that odd or self-indulgent to not at least try to look our best? The whole aesthetics theory exists for a reason. Men (and women) appear healthier, more successful and certainly more attractive with a clear complexion. And while I’m all for juicing and cleansing from the inside out, sometimes a quick fix is the solution. So with all that in mind, the idea of a man dabbing a little concealer on razor burn is not that offensive, right?

A quick Google search of ‘men and makeup’ reveals we’re definitely thinking about and occasionally doing it, but perhaps not openly admitting to it… yet. And that’s not surprising. Most men would avoid confessing to anything cosmetic. Conversely however, in-depth and targeted tutorials indicate that men and their makeup habits are quickly departing the realm of taboo. (Wikihow’s “How to Apply Makeup as a Man” is super comprehensive in that it elaborates upon the importance of setting your concealer, while Charlotte Tilbury’s “Subtle Undercover Makeup for Men” provides a step-by-step program and product guide on how to achieve a groomed and healthy look.)   

I’m quite familiar with a little concealer. I bought my first tube of Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer in Italy (when in Rome, I suppose). Since then I’ve kept it simple and subtle. I haven’t, for instance, experimented with bronzer or guyliner but admire the likes of Bowie and Depp (who definitely have). The fact that Sephora now has an entire category on their website dedicated to men’s makeup is hugely significant. The average male’s grooming habits are rapidly evolving while the beauty industry waits. And it’s ready.

– Photo by Alexander Atkins

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