The Origins of My Grooming Routine

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If I start to think about the origins of my grooming habits, or potential influences and key moments that inspired specific practices, only one thing comes to mind: Patrick Bateman’s grooming routine. Christian Bale’s starring role in American Psycho opens to showcase Bateman’s flawless beauty regimen, which is both enviable and extremely dedicated. While watching American Psycho at age thirteen isn’t recommended, what it did do was spark my interest in good grooming, rituals and routines. Since then I’ve actively tested and researched new products, deciphering what works and what doesn’t. I still love guinea-pigging myself out to try new formulas and test innovative products,  or try things I’ve read about or that friends have recommended. 

Haircare is a huge part of my grooming routine, mostly because my hair needs all the help it can get (especially now that I’m in my 30s). Volume is my main concern, and the primary reason why I was immediately drawn to try Pantene’s Nutrient Blends Hair Volume Multiplier Shampoo and Conditionerwith Bamboo. Enriched with strengthening B-vitamins, I’ve noticed my hair feels stronger and looks healthier after just a few weeks. I don’t ever dye my hair, and I use the blow dryer once or twice a month, mostly because my hair is fine and doesn’t need it, but also because hair health is important to me. The Nutrient Blendscollection works to promote hair health, not only thanks to its careful formulation but also because it’s free from silicones, mineral oils, parabens and dyes. What’s more, the breezy and energizing scent makes my hair and entire bathroom smell amazing. 

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