The Giveaway: Aesop and The Paris Review

My generous friends at Aesop not only satisfy every skincare need imaginable, they’re also offering you an exclusive gift. That’s right,  it’s giveaway time – and get this: there’s enough custom-designed packages for twenty winners! Essentially it’s a no-brainer, but just to make it even clearer here’s some very simple logic: we all love free stuff ergo get involved. Now onto the details…
As you already know, Aesop is all about the experience. That is to say their products induce instant bliss and reap real results (have you tried the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator?). What’s more the means by which these benefits are delivered truly embody perfection (and are all part of the aforementioned experience). A marriage of incredibly streamlined packaging covered with some of the finest examples of the written word (from the likes of Osler, Twain and Emerson) means your top shelf retains an effortlessly and intellectually curated look (something any bathroom snooper would most definitely admire – and let’s be honest, there’s always a bathroom snoop).
Up for grabs:
In a unique partnership with The Paris Review, Aesop is now offering Mr Essentialist readers complimentary copies of the current Summer Issue (which includes works by Ben Lerner, Patrizia Cavalli and Lydia Davis). Founded in 1953, The Paris Review is much lauded for intelligent fiction, poetry, essays and art, not to mention an expansive collection of longform interviews with noted writers – many of whom were first published in its pages. In the words of one critic, it is ‘one of the single most persistent acts of cultural conservation in the history of the world.’ You’ll also receive a carefully chosen selection of samples (including Parsley Seed Cleansing Oil, the Cleansing Masque and a travel-sized Body Cleansing Slab). 
How to enter:
It’s simple. ‘Like’ Mr Essentialist on Facebook and shoot me an email. The first twenty emails will receive a response with a unique promotional code and instructions on applying it at check-out. Remember codes are limited and provided on a first come first serve basis. 
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