The Motley: Atlas Cologne

It’s moments like this I wish they’d finally invent the smeller-net, because The Motley’s Atlas cologne is just that good. But alas, we’re not quite there yet. Instead you’ll just have to make-do with my (hopefully decent) description of the various aroma compounds and essential oils used in ‘Formula 0142’ – The Motley‘s very first foray into the world of fragrance. I’ll be sure to elaborate, I promise. Consider this Smell-ology 101. I know, I’m excited too.

The Vibe:
Here’s the deal (and by the way, this is always the deal): I’m not interested unless the packaging is worth mentioning. Well you guys, thank god – because this is the epitome of solid packaging. I’m digging the whole apothecary vibe that’s happening. The label has a this-was-made-exclusively-for-me thing going on which, obviously, I like. What’s more the bottle arrived in a fully customized tin case promising to ignite inner-notions of ‘mystery’, ‘adventure’ and ‘nostalgia’ – which are always good (oh, and major props on the cursive – that’s a nice touch). 

The Smell:
Because the cologne is compounded and hand-poured in Los Angeles using a 10% concentration of fragrance-oil means a small splash is decisively potent. This is all incredibly fitting as Atlas the Titan held up the celestial sphere of planet Earth (translation: he was strong too, but you probably already knew that). The dominant notes including Algerian Atlas Cedar, American Oakmoss, Amber Musk and bergamot means the fragrance is intensely musky and masculine. The addition of Indian cardamom combined with an infusion of cloves not only adds spice, but also evokes the spirit of a world traveller. Smells good? I thought so.

The Destination:
Anywhere really. The perfectly compact bottle (1 fl. oz) means this puppy is perfect for planes, trains and anything else (yachts?). But if I had to pinpoint a location (go on, twist my arm) I’m definitely into being transported to any Balearic Island, wearing Atlas, and more than likely listening to this.

To discover more about The Motley’s Atlas Cologne, and to purchase click here.
-Photos by Alexander Atkins



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