Write Right

In a society defined by rapid and relentless communication, one unwavering truth remains: Nothing conveys “I care” more than the hand-written note. Something beautifully crafted in ink, and immaculately presented (cursive is best) can’t be beat. I don’t doubt the quick ‘thanks for dinner’ email isn’t appreciated – it is. BUT taking a moment to put pen to paper makes a classic, character-defining statement. It means you’ve made a conscientious (i.e. pixel-less) effort, whether to express gratitude, best wishes, sorrow, etc. As for the recipient? Your thoughtfulness will likely be met with appreciation.

Of-course there’s an art to the handwritten note (content remains king). But for the aesthetics-driven among us, how you express your thoughts is equally important. The stationary you use, the pen you pick – even the envelope you choose to seal the deal should all be selected to compliment and reaffirm your message, whatever it may be.

For the author, the experience of crafting a handwritten note should be anything but choring. My most recent bout of thank-yous were penned using a limited edition Montblanc, on stationary by Well Received. The Steinway-inspired writing instrument (which is crafted from Montblanc‘s signature black lacquer and finished with extensive gold detailing) features an engraved portrait of Henry E. Steinway on the pen’s solid gold nib (which, unsurprisingly, glides beautifully). The  skeletonised cap – a nod to the keys of a piano – adds weight and charm, and ultimately makes a grand statement. This, juxtaposed with the modern, thoughtful design of Well Received‘s architecturally-inspired notecards, made the process of conveying “I care” breezy. What’s more, both pen and paper will look dignified atop any escritoire which, needless to mention, counts.

– The art of communicating ‘thank you’ should be thoughtful and personal. Click here to shop a selection of Well Received stationary, and here to shop a selection of Montblanc writing instruments. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.

thank-you-card-well-receivedmont-blanc-luxury-penmont-blanc-henry-steinwaymont-blanc-henry-steinway-fountain-pen mont-blanc-gold-enamel-ink-penmont-blanc-luxury-pen-for-men well-received-stationary

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  • I love Montblanc pens, this one is gorge!! x

  • Alan Moore

    Great post, totally agree. Amazing images as well.

  • Totally agree with you! Back in high school, we have a tradition every month were we write letters for our friends who were going on a “reflection trip” It’s like a field trip but instead of going to museums we go to temples or convents to meditate and reflect. Because of that I had a habit of writing every greetings and thank by hand. And yes, I really choose a good stationary.

  • Such a chic classy pen wow


  • Ahhh, a post after my own heart! I am dying for a Montblanc fountain pen. I’ve been using a fountain since I turned 16 (it has been a while). My parents were shocked when I asked for it but I have loved it ever since.


    I have used my Meisterstuck fountain pen for many years. When I accidentally smashed the barrel of its matching ballpoint those lovely people at Montblanc replaced it for free. I needn’t remind any of you, naturally, but isn’t that one of the benefits of dealing with a decent firm? (I lust after one of their watches but I daren’t tell them!).

    • Luxury goods customer service can’t be beat!


        That’s true. Also true is what my mother told me years ago: “Buy it cheap and you’ll buy it twice!”
        And by the way, I love the photographs, especially the monochromes. Just thought I’d let you know…

  • Andres Poiche
  • isabel selles

    what can i say!? I love calligraphy, letterings.. and of course, a mont blanc



  • Love!

  • Content being king is so true. Great post!

    Eye See Euphoria :

  • Fannie

    wow~!I personally love it very much.