Signature Scent: Brioni

If you are anything like me, you’ll agree that not much beats a good, season-appropriate fragrance. Scent is key of-course, but the experience of fragrance in general involves much more than just a few redolent top notes – no matter how carefully crafted they may be. The design of the bottle; its weight and feel, or how effective the atomizer is at diffusing the scent (an even ‘dusting’ is preferred) are important – yes. But how these things make you feel or react plays a hugely significant role to the overarching experience. Put simply, the application of fragrance is somewhat ritualistic and, as with most things, the details count.

It should come as little surprise then, that Brioni – master of the quintessential sartorial detail – has released its signature, eponymous fragrance, and that perfecting the aforesaid ‘experience’ was at the heart of its very development. “When a man wears a custom Brioni suit, he exudes a sexiness because he feels confident and protected,” says Brioni Creative Director Brendan Mullane. “We wanted to bottle that feeling with a sensual and elegant scent.” And bottled it is: The fragrance opens with a zesty citrus accord of cold-pressed Sicilian lemons and mandarins. Then, faint hints of bergamot and lavender make way for the robust, Magnolia Grandiflora notes that define the fragrance (flanked by Italian iris and violet). An infusion of woody accord, oud and black licorice add warmth and volume, but also character and depth. The sculptural bottle (a nod to the craftsmanship of a bespoke Brioni suit), with its jagged glass edges and weighty bronzed cap, is somewhat successful yet undeniably handsome in its attempt to capture the movement of light and fabric in motion. Point being, Brioni’s bottle will look decidedly luxe on your dresser – which is everything, really.

– Brioni’s signature scent is available in an eau de toilette 2.5 fl. oz./75ml, at Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus locations. Click here to shop.

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