On Rodeo Drive: Stephen Webster

It’s clear anything Beverly Hills-related is going to be very fun. Stephen Webster’s Flagship on Rodeo is no exception. The London-based designer (who was awarded an MBE by Prince Charles in February) chose Beverly Hills for its obvious appeal. Perfectly setting the stage for his distinctively adventurous and inspiring designs, and nestled right on the infamous Clueless steps (which most definitely is a thing) Webster’s world evokes escapism. Think Ziggy Stardust meets Liz Taylor in a Caspar David Friedrich etching. The whole thing manages with ease to tell a story that is entirely romantic, while remaining mysterious, sultry and seductive.

Sure, there are beautiful rings, cuffs and necklaces on display. But you know me – I’m a complete fan of the perfectly curated carpus. It’s all in the wrist. Needless to say I (I’m referring to both my inner magpie and myself) immediately gravitated towards trays upon trays of bracelets. From diamond encrusted chains to quartz beads and braided leather – Webster does it all. So let’s get into the details.

The ‘Ram’s Head’ link bracelet is exceptional, not only for its meticulous design. The rhodium plated links give the whole piece weight and substance – two hugely definitive factors. I mean, what’s the point in wearing something you can’t feel? And on that note, more is always more – Webster’s ‘London Calling’ turquoise beaded bracelet provides just the right pop of colour. But if I had to choose an absolute favorite it would easily be the ‘Raven’s Skull’ bead and pavé bracelet (my bank account is currently experiencing a severe conniption fit – just FYI). The rutilated foggy quartz beads and black sapphire pavé rounds are all linked together by delicate silver chain. Essentially the whole thing is an exercise in impeccable craftsmanship and serious design.

The ‘Ram’s Head’, ‘London Calling’ and ‘Raven’s Skull’ bracelets are all available at Stephen Webster Beverly Hills.  Call 310.246.9500 or click here for more information. Thank you to Jessica Craig and the entire Stephen Webster Beverly Hills team.
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