The Basics of Style

Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and reflect on the details – our everyday items that we just can’t live without. I mean there are staples, and then there are staples (I’m referencing the latter). It’s like when you leave your house without your keys or iPhone – you’ll feel weird, potentially naked (not to mention all those missed selfie taking opportunities). Needless to say I used to think ‘essentials’ equated to many things. ‘I totally need that aubergine pom-pom beanie, right?’ One lost suitcase and much distress later taught me otherwise (and for that arduous lesson I’m grateful KLM – really).
I suppose the point is there are three important things to do right. Wear great shades, always curate your wrist with something beautiful and wear sick kicks (for many the last is the most important). Sure, the three are completely interchangeable in that one day you’ll want to wear a Rolex, and the next a Cartier Love Bracelet. And that’s OK (it’s actually really OK), however not the point. What I’m getting at is that every outfit has the potential to look polished (read put-together) when this ‘trinity’ is observed. 
And because I know you, dear reader, you might ask, ‘perhaps there are rules and exceptions?’. Well, yes. Namely, piling on wrist ‘gear’ is never OK past the age of twenty-one whereas wearing apple-shaped red ‘joke’ shades are actually quite charming. Think of it as English grammar. There are rules and exceptions that you’ll either get – just because – or you won’t. And on that note, Happy Friday!
Alexander Atkins, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana bracelet, a Dries Van Noten sweatshirt, classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Prada shoes, photographed by Aleksander Tyszka in San Francisco.
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