Throwback Thursday: Varsity Blues

Oh the joys of rolling out of bed and snoozing through class! Miss it? Get over it – because you can still dress the part. Besides, the preppy clothes thing was the best part anyway. So we’re in agreement; campus style is making a speedy comeback. What’s more everyone suits preppy – it’s just one of those things (like how everyone loves chocolate). While you might have felt happy to leave college and join the ‘real world’ or whatever – that’s not the point. Fashion authorities like Saint Laurent and A.P.C. are directing us towards one conclusion: college garb most certainly should never (ever) have left your wardrobe. Let’s discuss the details:

1. Saint Laurent Varsity Jacket: Nothing evokes the mood of the ivy-league more than a leather-trimmed wool blend varsity jacket. Hedi Slimane’s white leather detailing creates the perfect contrast. The whole thing is a modern and updated (read grown-up) version of a letterman jacket – minus the letter part that is.

2. Lanvin Sneakers: I’ve mentioned these before, and I’ll mention them again. Lanvin does one good shoe. Needless to say they’ve been an obvious menswear hit for some time – and for good cause. The greige patent cap and green suede pairing is hyper luxurious. Consider it the ultimate example in sophisticated sneakers.    

3. Gucci iPhone 5 Case: Tech, tech, tech. It can be slightly overwhelming – you know? That’s why it’s great to cover those things-up. Gucci makes the perfect solution (no surprise there). Besides looking good, the embossed ‘GG’ leather, suede lining and tab fastening give great protection. Score!

4. A.P.C. Fleece Jersey Sweatshirt: So, I know. This one is pretty obvious. But sometimes that’s completely OK. Aside from that, there’s nothing better than throwing on an easy sweatshirt. And the best part? A.P.C.’s ‘Varsity’ version will keep you looking sharp.

5. Acne Slim-Fit Trousers: Acne is the best thing to come out of Sweden since ABBA – and I mean that. These cotton-blend trousers are exceptional in that they are slim fit, meaning you’ll always look good. Essentially they are the perfect basic. Consider this; you’re only as good as your trousers.

(L) JFK in 1946. (R) The Princeton varsity rowing team practice on Lake Carnegie.
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