Pink Hair Don’t Care

All this hairspiration and DIY-dye talk means it’s now time to turn to the tables. So go on – take a walk on the wild side. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been seeing lots of pink-haired activity on tumblr recently, or maybe it’s all down to the fact that I loved Jamie Kennedy’s Sampson in Baz Luhrman’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’. Either way it really was only a matter of time until the whole mens-hair-dye topic was breached. So consider it breached, dear reader. It’s definitely a thing (although I’m still deciding whether it’s going to be my thing). So here we are. We’ve arrived (yet again) at the world of fantastically coloured dos.

I suppose we could ask why the girls should have all the fun? Hair is hair, and pink is an excellent colour on practically everyone. Also didn’t someone say something about real men wearing pink? The point is I went blue for a night a couple of weekends ago. The whole Kurt Cobain thing – you know? Surprisingly, I was really into it. That being said I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to anything too permanent just yet – and a pastel-ly pink would require the whole shebang (we’re talking heavy duty bleach and dye-related maintenance afterwards). But what I will commit to is starting the dialogue. Baby steps… 

Sam McKnight (pictured below) and his pink wig selfies can be found on his Instagram. For more pink inspiration be sure to follow my tumblr.

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