Megan Mouren is The Cloudhunter

By now I’d say I’ve made my feelings clear regarding fantastically vibrant hair. Hairspiration is hairspiration – I’m all inPerhaps I’m compelled because I actually enjoy bright colours and tones – tis the season etc. But aside from that there’s something refreshingly rare about seeing someone dye their hair several shades of highlighter (all at once) and still manage to look completely put-together. I mean, does a vintage blue plaid uniform circa Winona Ryder in ‘Heathers‘ really pair with neon green tresses? Well, yes actually. It does. Here’s how.
Megan Mouren (designer of Cloudhunter – who’s Cali Roots reggae-inspired hair I covered here) is all about colour. Lot’s of colour (Lucy, her pomeranian, wears a pink dress – just FYI). Now I know we’ve breached the whole DIY-dye job topic, but this time around the focus was on what to wear with neon hair. After all, hair is a big deal. It’s a game-changer. I mean redheads are all about emerald green for a reason, right? With various Echo Park locations as backdrops, I shot and chatted with Megan about her love of the area. “I just love menu-exploring. You know? Discovering new restaurants is like an adventure. I’m all about the ones that use local produce. The quiet coffee shops – it’s easy to feel like you’re away from the city.”  
In terms of inspiration it’s clear there’s a lot going on. “My spirit fashion animal is Gwen in the 90ies. Bianca Jagger is my favorite historical icon. Also, I loved Fran Drescher’s outfits in ‘The Nanny’. Right now Anna Della Russo is amazing. I’m into how she wears anything she wants, especially on her head. The watermelon, china dolls, eggs and disco balls were all pretty insane. Her stuffed lamb thing at Ungaro was super fun – I guess I’m just into her as a fashion individualist and all around super woman! Oh, and Sailor Moon obviously. Huge inspiration there.”
With regards to menswear, Mouren is all about keeping things neat and tidy. “Having a polished gentleman around is a nice balance to my colourful, print-friendly style. You can tell a lot by a man’s casual and loungewear – so great vintage tees and stylish sweats (think Alexander Wang) are a must.”
Megan Mouren, wearing pieces from her vintage collection and jewelry by Camille K, photographed by 
Alexander Atkins in Los Angeles.

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