Life with Louboutin

Nowhere is quite as lovely as Italy. The food and weather alone repeatedly induce visions of moving trucks and mortgages, because don’t we all aspire to live in some ramshackle villa wedged atop a Tuscan hill? It’s safe to say that my recent trip to Florence and Naples with Christian Louboutin did little to sway my love of lo Stivale.

Touching-down in Florence, I briefly gathered myself by the pool (with the help of an Aperol Spritz) before heading to a beautiful lunch held at the city’s ancient rowing club, nestled on the banks of the Arno overlooking the Ponte Vecchio. A quick tour of the Palazzo Vecchio was followed by dinner in the hills above Florence at Villa Fiesole – FYI the sunset was spectacular, as were the antipasti.

The following day was dominated by Bike Polo, a new competitive team sport pioneered by a group of athletes from Seattle. To celebrate the launch of Aurelien (Louboutin’s latest low-top sneaker inspired by classic 90ies basketball shoes) the brand kitted each of the participating international teams out in custom pairs crafted in various colorways. Discovering the complex and intricate construction of Louboutin’s sneakers was mindboggling – for instance, know that each is created by hand using meticulous processes and only the finest materials.

A quick trip down to Naples concluded my time in Italy. Having the unique opportunity to visit a factory where Louboutin develops more classic styles (including dress shoes that incorporate a delicate patina finish) was an experience like no other. Special thanks to my Louboutin family; Alexandra, Anna and Morgan for taking such great care of me.

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