The Review: Beauty Sleep Boosters

The good news? New York Fashion Week is officially over (thank you Marc Jacobs). The bad news? Your skin probably hates you – a lot. That’s what a string of late nights, early mornings and bad nutrition (or no nutrition) paired with a packed schedule will do to your pores. But don’t freak out – we’re in this together – you, your pores, and I.

I love products. Testing them, looking at them, merchandizing them – you get the idea. I also love sleep. Luckly the two love each other, which is to say take those extra minutes to wash your face and moisturize before bed (you’re doing yourself a huge favor). And so, in the spirit of undisturbed sleep, vanity, and a self-explorative quest for perfectly dewy skin, I guinea-pigged myself out and tested three overnight serums. A review of each with varying results, below:

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum by Aesop: There’s nothing quite like the uncomplicated and distinctly fresh scent of Aesop’s Parsley Seed range. The Anti-Oxidant Serum, a fluid aloe vera-based formulation, fuses a slew of anti-oxidant essentials to deliver moisture. As promised, the resulting hydration works to soften and fortify skin, prepping it for the various challenges (i.e. weather) of everyday life. I especially enjoyed the pipette applicator – there’s something exacting and Breaking Badish about it. Also, my forehead appeared to be glowing when I woke up, which is a good thing, I think?

Overnight Balm by The Art of Shaving: I’ve been consistently good about using The Art of Shaving’s Four Elements Kit (and happy to report I’m now razor-burn free- yessss!). Needless to say I was excited to try the Overnight Balm – a dense, creamy formulation infused with chamomile, lavender essential oil, and shea butter. At first there was some hesitation (the stuff’s über buttery, and butter = zits), but knowing the power of La Mer’s famously thick ‘Crème’ I decided to forge onwards. The result? My skin smelled like a cup of chamomile tea – which wasn’t entirely unpleasant, however I prefer chai… 

Skin Revitalizing Concentrate by Tom Ford: If this were an art review Tom Ford’s Skin Revitalizing Concentrate would win. (Everything he touches is sleek and thoughtful – the packaging is practically art.) But we’re here for good skin’s sake, not art – remember? Promising to minimize irritation, redness and trigger natural repair mechanisms inherent to us all, Tom Ford’s liquid serum works while you sleep to energize and nourish skin. A concentration of essential oils and anti-oxidants rejuvenate, freshen and minimize fine lines. I decided to warm the oil between my palms before application, which obviously felt awesome. I awoke to very ‘awake’ skin, meaning any dullness or obvious signs of fatigue were diminished. In-short, a job well done.

– Avoid tired, dull skin by developing a sound night-time grooming routine. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.

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