Bi Color

There’s a definite crispness in the air. Not a chill, yet – just a breeze, but it’s got bite. Fall is here (or pre-fall at least), which basically equates to the two following facts being true: 1.) we can once again enjoy sleep without the omnipresent hum of an a/c unit, and 2.) layers are now a thing. ‘Sweater Weather’ – remember?

Summer and tans etc, are lovely. But fall brings change – and with it a reintroduction of texture, length and volume! It means sweaters and coats become part of the everyday equation. It also means wool, cashmere, and leather lace-ups are realities. With things cooling-off and there being an inextricable need for you to now become increasingly sophisticated (layers = sophistication), you’ll do well to note that the grab-and-go short-and-tee combos of summer won’t work anymore (partly because you’ll freeze).

For the next couple of months I’ll be wearing sweaters. Lots of sweaters. And cut-offs. Why? Cool ankles help regulate body temperature, which actually means you can wear baller* overcoats (*justified usage being that the jacket is in-fact Margiela) with cable knit sweaters (Neil Barrett), while anchoring everything with hand-made leather boots (Feit) and not overheat! (In other words they’re basically a wearable thermostat.) Color-wise I’m keeping things simple and two-toned, mostly because the shoes (more on those later), but also because the quiet simplicity of the textured sweater and solid overcoat paired with the pure, newly cool air called for calm.

– Alexander Atkins photographed by Izzy Tuason wearing Garrett Leight sunglasses, Maison Martin Margiela overcoat, Neil Barrett sweater, Zara slacks, and Feit bi color shoes.


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