The Best Credit Cardholders

For many men the following perennial dilemma applies: how should we carry our currency? While the traditional wallet or coin purse are both sound options, from experience the former tends to become bulky while the latter oft veers on the feminine side of things (neither of which are messages I’m wanting my currency to convey – you?). Let’s pause to understand what it is we’re hoping to accomplish. For me the goal has been consistent: to find something that fuses function with design. Ideally the result is sleek, luxurious and detail-oriented – a quality piece that is carefully thoughtful in both its construction and purpose. The solution? The unassuming efficiency of a credit card holder, which, I’ll have you know, has been constant in proving itself useful (and not only for its ability to slip into the back pocket of even the skinniest jeans).

Regarding options, there are many. Take Mulberry’s Cross-Grain Leather Cardholder for instance. Constructed from the butteriest of leathers, Mulberry’s cardholder offers discretion, craftsmanship, and room for five credit cards (or, and speaking from experience, three credit cards and solid wad of cash). Conversely Balenciaga’s Studded Leather Cardholder packs just the right punch – namely one with attitude. Five rows of square studs, each finished in the same cool blue tone as the surrounding leather, add texture (an obvious benefit here being grip). While Burberry’s Textured Leather Wallet does in-fact have a zip and therefore could be interpreted as a coin purse, I consider it a seriously secure cardholder (this being entirely justified seeing that there are in-fact three interior card slots). But the pièce de résistance must be Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato Woven-Leather Cardholder, in all its hand-crafted Italian glory. Featuring the brand’s signature weave, Bottega Veneta’s cardholder offers unparalleled luxury and efficiency (there’s space for six card holders). I couldn’t ask for more.

– Your choice of credit cardholder speaks volumes. Make the right impression and shop a wide selection of cardholders at MR PORTER.COM. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.

mulberry-leather-card-wallet bottega-veneta-woven-credit-card-walletbalenciaga-leather-cardholderbalenciaga-studded-leather-cardholderbottega-veneta-leather-card-walletburberry-credit-card-holderluxury-leather-credit-card-holdersleather-card-walletsmulberry-credit-card-holderbest-credit-card-holders

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  • Ah they are all perfect but the Mulberry one has to be my fav:) xo, Hayley

  • The Black Woven one is my fav design. Looks so nice!


    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  • These are great! I’m not a huge fan of bulky wallets either and I love my credit card holder!

  • THIS IS WHAT I NEED! I have a huge wallet (same size as an iPhone 6 plus) and of course a huge smartphone or “phablet” according to some people. Often times those two don’t fit on my purse so I always opt to ditch my wallet instead, then my credit card & some few bills are scattered inside my purse. These will keep it organize. I particularly like that studded Balenciaga cardholder.


  • Sam

    Absolutely love the mulberry wallet, although maybe in a different colour. Textured leather looks really good!


  • MSCFBeeches

    These are so sleek and non-descript. Really like that. I ditched wallets for a small card/money pouch from Patricia Nash so I’m all for it.

  • Great statement how should we carry our currency. I always have so much to put in my portefeuil. But these are great options and chic options 🙂
    Cool post man & thanks for the nice comments on my blog

  • I really like your blog!
    so interesting, cool man)

  • amo

    i always use a card holders like a wallet

    now i’m so happy with my lv cardholder

    Mi blog by Amo

  • These are amazing! I am going to look at some Burberry ones for my partner, thanks for this post. xo

  • The Fashion Panda

    They look so good! Perfect cardholders, really like them !

    Would be so nice if you vote for me for the awards and win a 500 euro voucher !
    Thank you !

  • Great post! I am looking forward to paying everything with my cell phone. Thoughts? Will this be the end of the wallet, etc…?

    Eye See Euphoria :

    • I would never want to give up the wallet entirely.

      • I don’t man. Times are changing. Before you know it our IDs will be on our phone.

  • shareasecret
  • Nice cardholders 🙂
    x Sandra

  • Philippe

    The Prada one is really good also 🙂

  • John Wade

    These card holders look nice, but paying 100 usd or more for that is nonesense. Diesel card holders or Von Baer Shekel card holder look even better, but cost 2-3 times less than these.

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  • ashmit sharma

    These card holders really look nice. In this blog, you have shared great information about card holders. I have huge collection of card holders, but I love saaexclusive the most as their card holders are thin and flexible. I am using it for almost a year and no scratches till now.