The Art of Shaving’s Perfect Shave

We all need help perfecting our shaving ritual (well, I do at least), and sometimes you think you’ve finally done it. So you painstakingly replicate each step that had guaranteed that razor burn-less experience, in the hopes of achieving the holy grail of men’s grooming: The Perfect Shave. But perfection is exceptionally difficult to achieve. So I got to thinking; what works? I’ve tried shaving while showering versus afterwards, and even splashing ice-cold water on my face to close pores and minimize irritation. Point being, if we’re talking what has consistently worked for me, pinpointing an exact process or method is difficult. As a result any product(s) that guarantee shaving success are always on my radar.

Enter The Art of Shaving’s Four Elements of the Perfect Shave kit. Consisting of a Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After-Shave Balm and Silver-Tipped Badger Brush, what this set does better than most is offer direction. (In short, use each successive product as instructed to achieve a damn-near perfect shave, every time.) The Art of Shaving have ensured each step has been formulated to work together, making the entire process – from pre-shave prep to post-shave moisturizing – painless and breezy. An infusion of lemon essential oils and Vitamin C  means each product is decidedly fresh, zesty and uncomplicated (although slightly monotonous in terms of ‘experience’). The Pre-Shave Oil is exceptional. Its thick consistency means that each whisker is left evenly coated and ready to be doused in shaving cream for an eventual meeting with an exceedingly sharp blade. The result? An incredibly close shave.

– Every gentleman should develop a fail-safe shaving routine. For more information and to shop, click here. Photos by Alexander Atkins.


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  • irene

    what a great gift idea for all those lovely men who leave my skin almost scratched when giving a hi how are you kiss,just a gentle hint towards a smoother future!

  • Michèle
  • Adrian

    I’ve been searching for something that works for a while. Thanks!