The Best Eye Creams

Recently, a friend kindly reminded me that bags are for travel, not for under the eyes. With that harsh reality I got to thinking; how do we achieve brighter, rested and all-around better-looking eyes? I’ve heard sleep, water, no-alcohol and frozen spoons work wonders, but then life happens and you find yourself in dire need of a good (i.e. strong) margarita. Enter eye creams, treatments and gels. We’ve all seen the ads – a model whose perfectly air-brushed skin appears clear, even and radiant, especially under the eyes. And you’re left with that nagging thought, ‘what if this really works?’ So, in the spirit of ‘youthful’, ‘dark circle-less‘, and ‘de-puffed’ eyes, I decided to guinea-pig myself out with varying results:

1. TOM FORD ANTI-FATIGUE EYE TREATMENTAt 52, Tom Ford looks good. And while the occasional Botox injection may have something to do with his smooth, seemingly pore-less complexion, a needle will only get you so far. Point being, use what Mr. Ford uses and reap the benefits. I immediately loved the Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment, not only for its sleek packaging but also for its metal-tipped applicator, which cools, soothes and de-puffs. The ‘Skin Calming Complex’, which is unique to this product, works to minimize skin irritation and creates a barrier to defend skin against the visible effects of pollution and toxic stressors. I also appreciated the thick texture of the cream, in that I like knowing it’s there. After about five minutes the skin around my eyes felt smoother – which was great, at least to me.

2. LA MER THE EYE BALM INTENSEEasily the most decadent product I’ve tried, La Mer’s The Eye Balm Intense has developed a cult following. I’ve been loyal to this treatment for a while – perhaps I’m attracted to its rich consistency. A potent concentration of La Mer’s signature ‘Miracle Broth’ combined with the newly developed ‘Marine De-Puff Ferment’ act to calm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The silver-tipped applicator, which I leave in the fridge, works to stimulate microcirculation and promote vibrancy. The results? If anything a relaxing experience, which counts for something, right?

3. YON-KA FOR MEN UNDER EYE GELGel’s are great in that they absorb easily and leave little-to-no residue. Yon-Ka’s new eye product is no exception. The unique formulation, which includes arnica, cypress nut and essential oils of roman chamomile and peppermint, means the whole experience is decidedly fresh. I do wish it came with some variety of applicator as I’m never sure how much I should use. Also, unlike the other treatments, I didn’t feel I was wearing anything, nor did I notice any variety of soothing sensation – perhaps that’s the point?

4. BOOTS No 7 MEN RAPID REVIVAL EYE ROLL-ON: I’ve been excited to try No 7 for some time, mainly for its price point ($16.99), numerous rave reviews and celebrity endorsements (hi Gwyneth). I was not disappointed. The triple roller ball applicator is incredibly cooling and delivers an even spread of product to the eye area. As instructed, I swept upwards – which is supposed to lift, firm and ‘instantly wake-up’ eyes. But more than that it just felt good, which is huge. My skin was left hydrated and visibly calm. The verdict? I feel like this product has real potential. It also doesn’t break the bank, which means I can further enhance any aforementioned benefits with a daily green juice. Basically, it’s a win-win.

– Photos by Alexander Atkins.


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  • What makes these products specifically for men? They all sound great to me! I’ve been meaning to find a good eye cream.

    • I think they’re totally unisex. The Boots No7 really impressed me.

  • These look great, I wouldn’t mind trying them myself!

  • Daniel Mike

    What you feel inside reflects on your face. So be happy and positive all the time.