Organized Luxury: The Louis Vuitton Agenda

Just like any golf swing, the art being and staying organized is something we can all proactively improve upon. That paired with the fact that it’s Fashion Week (and the expectation of being two places at once is a reality) means there’s no time like now to get serious. While I’ll concede that the gentle ding of an iPhone calendar with a ten minute warning (and built-in GPS) is handy, there are things to consider. What if your battery dies? What if you have no service? And besides, there’s something wonderfully concrete about putting pen to paper – especially when that paper is Louis Vuitton.

Smart, efficient, sleek, refined – Louis Vuitton’s Small Ring Agenda is everything you need it to be. I chose for the Damier Canvas cover, a hand-finished texturized checkerboard of browns, taupes and gold hardware detailing. The built-in card slots will stash the essentials while the fold-out maps will remind you of vital statistics – like time zones and which three countries neighbor Luxembourg. But my favorite detail is of-course the customized initialing, a complimentary service that Louis Vuitton pairs with many of its leather goods. And if all that is still not incentive enough, I’m afraid I’m at a loss.

– Organization, as Marcus Aurelius put it, is, “the key to all success.” To discover more about Louis Vuitton and to shop agendas click here. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.

louis-vuitton-custom-engraved-initialslouis-vuitton-agenda-diary-damier louis-vuitton-damier-leather-diary louis-vuitton-world-map-agenda louis-vuitton-damien-canvas-agendamens-louis-vuitton-agenda louis-vuitton-damier-agendalouis-vuitton-gold-hardware

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