Meet The Brand: Pintrill

“The idea of Pintrill was conceived in January 2014. Jordan was in LA and had a conversation with a friend about starting a one-size-fits-all unisex brand, something similar to 40ozNYC. We all follow fashion closely and started thinking about how we could make it happen. We wanted to create pieces that we’d wear ourselves and a pin is the perfect canvas – a completely underutilized canvas. Our passion stemmed from different places: pins bought as mementos of childhood trips, or vintage buttons from the 80s that were tacked onto bags and jackets.

Jordan heads up the design, first in a Moleskine and then on Illustrator. We’ll then collectively decide on the designs we like. We like to brainstorm as a team and draw inspiration from what’s current. The process is always organic and usually stems from a conversation or a simple sketch. Ideas are always whizzing around, whether we’re in a meeting or on group chat. But generally the ideas come from things that we’re wearing, listening to – pop culture, fashion, the Internet! One of us invariably winds-up saying ‘that should be a pin!’.

In terms of aesthetic Pintrill is influenced by designers like Rob Garcia, John Elliott, and Virgil Abloh. Virgil in-particular has this incredible way of bringing the details together – like on the camouflage jacket he released last season. Our pins work to elevate a garment, making the whole thing personal. Obviously we dream of collaborating with brands like EnNoir and Public School. Designing garments that are made to directly incorporate pins would be an awesome next step. For us the great thing about pins are the various ways they can be worn and styled. Solo or grouped, and on sneakers, hats – the sky’s the limit! Over the next couple of months we have a several new pins launching. We’re also working on some collaborations that we’ll look forward to sharing. There’s always something in the works…”

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Doni Gitlin, Andrew Yung and Jordan Roschwalb of Pintrill in Brooklyn, New York, photographed by Alexander Atkins. For details and to shop, click here.

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