A Time to Reflect – A Time to Predict

I know, I know – it’s definitely spring. But sometimes it’s good to take a moment to think about what you just did, right?
You know, reflect on all the choices you made during the those cold and gloomy winter months (the good, the bad, even the ugly). Besides, reflecting helps us think about what we should do next. So let’s reflect

We obviously enjoyed some serious downtime with beanies, as did the entire sartorial world it seems. It makes sense – they still are the quickest and easiest way to cover-up any hair-issues. I mean I see absolutely no reason why the dominance of the beanie can’t continue through summer. Especially when paired with some great tailored short-shorts and a basic tee. We can still be all about the beanie. That being said, hair is for hairspiration. Without it, dear reader, we are lost. So allow your follicles some well-deserved Vitamin D, they will thank you later. Also camouflage was (and actually still is) everywhere. But looking forward (in a crystal-ball kind of way) I’m feeling a new, deconstructed camouflage. Camo hues and tones worn together, but as separates. ‘Camouflage 2.0’ – or something.

Let’s move on.

I’m very much about shorts. And Blazers. So obviously a combination of both is going to be my go-to, especially this summer. The whole thing allows you to be formally casual in an unoffensive way. Essentially your entire shorts-plus-blazer-combo can be formalized with a great pair of slippers, or casualized (?) with some superb Lanvin sneakers. Office-to-out at it’s very best! On a separate note I OD’d on graphic tees in 2008 (this song definitely was responsible). So while I ‘get’ what people are doing, I’m not going to do it. Instead I’m looking to great cuts, panelling and exciting prints. A love affair with Missoni may just be re-awakened, and it has a lot to do with this teeSo the point here basically is that I need to start dressing like Pharrell. 

Alexander Atkins, in a Prada coat & Missoni Beanie, photographed by Sabrina Reddy at Alexander McQueen in NYC.

Pharrell Williams, wearing Bee Line & BBC, at Frieze NYC 2013.
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