The Look: The Great Bowie (Sorry Gatsby)

So I guess I’m supposed to be all about Gatsby. I mean I tried (for a sec) but I just can’t. Instead I’m still all about Bowie. Don’t get me wrong, Baz Luhrmann’s whole visual overload-to-the-max thing was impressive and excessively indulgent (thing’s I usually enjoy), but I just need something more, well, me. Enter the completely unrelated Bowie alter-ego of Ziggy Stardust (the original Sasha Fierce?). Essentially it’s like how can you not be inspired? A mullet-wearing, lightening bolt-ed original gender benderer from the 70s! It’s all incredibly fun.
Let’s chat hair. Now I’m not saying I’ve given-up on my most recent bout of hairspiration (the whole long and wavy thing is slowly happening for me). All I’m saying is I’m into getting funky (just like Major Tom) – besides there are many a theme party to attend these days, and I’m over onesie’s. I vaguely remember the mullet being cool in 2004, when, on my first solo venture to Toni & Guy I kind-of ended up with one. Needless to say it was scary (if not a tad lesbisch). But I’m older, potentially wiser now, and I’m thinking about things. If I were to venture into mullet-land I would definitely use a great volumizer, like Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Full Form Mousse and then seal the deal with some Thickening Hairspray – just to be sure, you know?
Now this may sound slightly intense (if not extremely opulent) but La Mer’s The Concentrate is the best primer ever. Its smooth, rich consistency means skin is left feeling undeniably silky and treated (ie makeup application is a breeze). Also a high-consistency of the coveted and very secret ‘miracle broth’ means your basically getting a facial underneath your Ziggy-glam. For the perfect lightening bolt I’d use Giorgio Armani’s All in One No 2 Palette. We’re looking for strong color, and that red means business. The use of an eye-patch is completely optional, but always a great idea if face-paint sounds a bit daunting.
– David Bowie, performing ‘Ziggy Stardust’ at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1973. Photographs by Barry Shultz.
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