Summer Knits: Missoni Everything

It’s mid-June which means things are potentially looking up. So what better time than the present to briefly chat Missoni?
Also Northern California evenings tend to get nippy (in all respects) so a little knitwear goes a long way – provided that’s the intention (I’m all for nippy). But let’s focus. To say I love Missoni would be an understatement. I adore Missoni. Every piece is consistently spectacular. Kind-of how every Prada shoe just fits, you know? Besides that, the family’s dynamic and legacy is admirable (we’ll just politely ignore that Target collaboration, OK?). I’ve been surrounded Missoni pillows, foulards and cardigans my whole life, but the first piece I finally managed to buy myself was a beanie – when in Rome, quite literally. Since then I’ve significantly added to my collection. But truthfully I knew I was onto something when the editor-in-chief of Esquire complimented me (then a lowly intern) on my chunky black-and-white zig-zagging knit. That’s right. Winning.
Also, having lived in Italy for some time meant several things. Great pasta, regular traffic-related altercations (they get passionate you guys!), and several trips to Missoni. I bought this cardigan and shirt without hesitation, and with much encouragement from my mother; “if you don’t buy it I will – for me!” Sure it severely dented my creditcard, but whatever. #YOLO (and I mean that). I know ‘fashion people’ are about the all-black-everything thing, but sometimes we need to let loose. Get kaleidoscopic. Inject colour, prints and textures into our lives. A little mohair didn’t hurt anyone. Neither did a great pattern. 
Alexander Atkins, wearing a cashmere Missoni cardigan & shirt, photographed by Cara Beth Rogers in San Francisco.

*Discover the Missoni online, and shop the looks mentioned, below.
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