Ray-Ban Clubmaster

I‘ve always loved a good Ray-Ban. So it’s not surprising that I’m very into these new polarized, lightly tinted Clubmasters.
If you’ve been reading you’ll know I’ve chatted about some great shades before, and it’s definitely no secret that I’m partial to my camouflage Wayfarers. But there’s something fantastically Dickie Greenleaf-esque about these frames (needless to say anything Amalfi Coast-related is superb in my book). Also summer is fast approaching which generally means it’s time to make some changes. Clothes, skincare routines, optics – it’s all good. And who doesn’t love change, right? – Don’t answer that.

The point is Ray-Ban has released a new Clubmaster. The 3016 is exceptionally retro; the classic brow-line frame looks just as good today as it did in the 1980s (dare I whisper the word timeless?). Now I know I’ve addressed the what’s-my-face-shape thing – and yes, that is important (I mean I wrote a whole thing, you guys). But I’ve been forcing a plethora of round, square and oval faces to try these bad boys on… to resounding success! Everyone looked fly. Besides, the fact that they’re polarized means your eyes will really love you – so that’s definitely a thing. Also I might mention that someone actually pulled-up to me at a traffic light in Los Angeles, complimenting the Clubmasters. If you need more validation than that, well, I really can’t help you.

Alexander Atkins, wearing the new Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmasters, photographed by Cara Beth Rogers in San Francisco.
*Discover more about to Clubmaster by clicking here
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