The Collectables: Bearbrick Toys

Nothing beats good ‘ole fashioned fun – right? And as long as Japanese toymaker Bearbrick is supplying it, I’m down.
Like so down – I’m practically on the floor. Because these figurines basically are beyond cool and collector’s items (what more could you possibly want?). The point is Bearbrick’s toys are superbly curated and highly coveted by collectors around the world (I’ve been witness to many an eBay battle, just FYI). I mean, we’ve all seen how sick Pharrell’s toy-packed Miami apartment is right? I know, it’s beyond. And it gets better – Bearbrick transcends generations. Just ask Grace Coddington, who proudly displays her limited edition Karl Lagerfeld collaboration on her desk at Vogue. 

Here’s the 411. The anthropomorphized bear is made from nine simple parts including a signature pot belly and swivel head – which have been known to double as iPhone speakers or atomizers. That’s right dear reader – art meets function. Also Bearbrick’s collaborations (which are always epic and extremely rare) include promotional pieces for Daft Punk, Commes des Garçons, Kill Bill and Vivienne Westwood. There’s even a camouflage Bearbrick x A Bathing Ape toy that, needless to say, might very well be my favorite (gifts are always welcome). 

Happy toy hunting!

A selection of Bearbrick toys are available at Tokyo Toy in NYC, Double Punch in San Francisco & online at Bearbrick.

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