On Haight Street: Camouflage 2.0

I guess the whole let’s-walk-around-town-with-a-small-dog thing is a bit passé. But an iguana as a replacement – really?
In short, yes. Really. This is the twenty-first century. No judgement here. I mean one minute you’re walking down Haight St. browsing Wasteland (where I scored a vintage Versace blazer, just FYI), the next minute you’re practically confronted by a dragon. On the street. On a Saturday. I know it’s San Francisco, and everyone is notoriously, ahem, eclectic (to phrase it conservatively) – but this is beyond.

I’m into this ‘look’ (if we can call it that?), and not just for the whole updated pirate’s parrot-on-one-shoulder thing. Or even for my love of exotic skins. No, I love this because it’s legitimate camouflage. Living, breathing premium-grade, pure camouflage. Obviously I’m going to be a fan. Besides, the lizard’s name was Yoshi – my all-time favorite Nintendo character. Like ever. Phrased simply, it was a fait accompli.

Yoshi the iguana, in a birthday suit like none other, photographed by Alexander Atkins on Haight St. in San Francisco. 

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