The Many Shades of Mick Jagger

Rock legend, menswear icon, serial monogamist – Mick Jagger has done it all. But let’s consider something different. Let’s, in this most epic of #FlashbackFridays, consider the sheer genius that is Mick Jagger’s sunglass collection. ‘Jagger’s Sunglasses Through The Ages‘ – how isn’t there a coffee table book yet? I mean I’d pre-order it, wouldn’t you? Wait…

Here’s a fact: a quick Google search proves beyond reasonable doubt that Mick Jagger is actually the king of awesome sunnies. Hands down, every picture, in every decade. From red heart shades (because who doesn’t love red heart shades!?) to a very extensive collection of purr-worthy cat-eyed and aviator numbers, each choice completes and perfects the overall appeal that is Mick Jagger. They also serve to hide any remnants of last night’s after-after party which, on occasion, was most definitely necessary. Point being, what’s not to love?

– Alexander Atkins.



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