The Return of the G-Shock

There’s that famous line from LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out about how things remain relevant even when they don’t appear to be. Point being I finally get it. ‘Don’t call it a comeback” is all about G-Shocks, which makes total sense. And I’m not in the least surprised because I adored my first G-Shock. I guess it was 1997 – the watch was black with a velcro strap and I, a determined nine year-old, had decided my Micky Mouse number wasn’t quite cutting it anymore (at nine things become serious). Casio’s iconic digital watch was the obvious choice, mostly owed to the medley of excitable ninja moves that would flash across the watch-face after pressing a few buttons. Now, seventeen years later (and somewhat fortuitously) I’m wearing another.

To celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary G-Shock has reintroduced the classic DW series (which remains, if anything, tough and durable). While its predecessor is already a bona fide classic, the newly launched DW model sets itself apart with the help of a few cosmetic updates (think Mickey Rourke’s career). The introduction of a color-way that pairs the brand’s signature black with burnished gold accents is decidedly 80ies, which immediately means I’m in love. Also the IP case is engraved with G-Shock’s anniversary logo, designed by Eric Haze. Sure it’s bulky – i.e. you (and everyone else for that matter) will know you’re wearing it. But it also makes a statement in the same way choosing a Land Rover over a Range Rover does. And that’s pretty bold.

– Photos by Alexander Atkins. For more information and to purchase, click here.



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