Catia Macedo, Designer

“I love running my own business with my sisters. The best part about that is definitely the creative freedom – nothing beats it. Anamaria Couture is classy. It’s easy to wear. Our ideal customer is any woman who wants to look gorgeous. [Laughs] So basically every woman! From the prom girl to the bridesmaid – we cater to everyone. In terms of aesthetic we are absolutely influenced by Brazilian culture. The colors, silhouettes, even our signature light fabric all stems from our upbringing. We’ve been selling to Neiman Marcus for a while now. That was the most exciting thing ever. Every designer dreams to sell there.

I love many brands, but honestly most days I wear something I’ve made myself. There are so many things to be influenced by, but when it comes to the choices I make I rely entirely on my mood. It’s everything. I think of many people as style icons, but Shekha Mozah is the ultimate. She is so refined – it’s unreal. For my brand I think about elegance a lot. What it means to be elegant. A woman must always be a lady, no matter the situation.

I live in New York. I love everything about the city. I’m pretty loyal to places that I like so I usually end up at the same spots. My favorite restaurant is The Mercer Kitchen in Soho. I’m not a big shopper – [laughs] I guess that’s what happens when you work in fashion! When I buy something I am super particular. I also travel a lot. I buy most of my makeup, fragrance and handbags in duty free at Charles de Gaulle. I fly to Paris four or five times a year for work. When I shop in New York I always go to Bergdorfs. They have the best selection of shoes and perfume in the city, hands down.

I’m Brazilian so most of my holidays are spent there, with family and friends. Last year I went to Trancoso in Bahia with a few good friends. For that trip I packed several bikinis and SPF. [Laughs] A lot of SPF – Neutrogena factor 55 is my favorite. I love La Mer. I use their serum, the Eye Balm Intense, the Crème and the cleanser. Chanel’s Anti-Pollution system is amazing too.”

– Catia Macedo, photographed by Alexander Atkins in Los Angeles.


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