Spike Jonze is a Fantastic Man

If you’re wanting for something to read, know this: Fantastic Man lives up to its namesake. Seriously…┬áIn short, read it. With that said you’re probably going “Should I be into this? I’m already a GQ subscriber!“. Well that’s great and all, but this is better. Why? It just is.

For starters Fantastic Man is completely original, witty and showcases real style (which, let’s be honest, is pretty hard to come by). Turning each page means being inspired. Take their ROTATION production (in collaboration with Dior Homme) for instance. Each week a new video showcasing a key look from the Kris Van Assche-designed collection for A/W 13 is released – but on dancers who are vogue-ing out. Daily Recommendation on the Fantastic Man website is also worth bookmarking, simply because each item (from the benefits Chanel’s Hair Mist to layering denim) is thoughtfully presented and perfectly curated. In short the whole thing is worth your time. And mine.

– Photos by Alexander Atkins. For bi-annual subscription information click here.


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