Scouts Honour: A Guidebook

Whether we’re talking fashion, work or relationships, sometimes we can use a little guidance – and I found just the thing.

One very chilly and brief stint at an obscure NYC flea-market left me admiring a copy 1965’s Boy Scout Handbook. So ok, while this guide is entirely geared towards the great outdoors (think the whole build-a-camp-fire-and-use-stars-as-a-compass thing), we must endeavor to remember that guidance is guidance. Besides, you may recall I loved Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom – so this actually is beyond relevant.

From proper uniform etiquette and pitching the perfect tent, to learning how to tie a fail-safe safety knot, there really is a great deal of value in a good survival guide. I mean, the North Star isn’t called the North Star for nothing you guys. Also the fact that Norman Rockwell designed the cover artwork for this handbook (one of several commissions for the Boy Scouts of America) is hugely significant. And if nothing else, it makes a pretty sweet addition to my book collection while also doubling as a fantastic coaster.
Happy weekend.
*Click here to learn more about Norman Rockwell’s artistic contributions to the Boy Scouts of America.
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