Ryan Hartman, Designer, Field Scout

“I’ve worked in most areas of the apparel industry – the idea was to learn as much as possible. On that long journey I decided designing and ‘building’ clothes was the best part. The Field Scout man is confident and wants to live life. I describe him as ‘the modern mobile man’. We all live a life that is fast paced, but it’s important to enjoy our travels and opportunities. My customer cares about how he looks and what he supports. I think the most stylish guys are those that appear effortless.

I am a big fan of the Antwerp Six. I also admire Margiela, Dirk Schönberger, Raf [Simons], Vivienne Westwood, and Helmut Lang. Raf’s work in the late 90s and early 2000s made the most sense to me. I had just gotten involved in the industry and knew nothing, but his take on street culture is something I understood [laughs]. I grew up surfing, skating – there was a great punk scene, something which was right up Raf’s alley. Schönberger did a wicked Fall collection in 2000 – totally military inspired. It was badass! Demeulemeester is flat out incredible. The most I learned from all those greats is be true to yourself. Be original.

This season started in Agadir, Morocco. I used the landscape and environment to set the tone for SS/14. I love the color palette of the sand, ocean, and open air markets. The textures of the area are tough. The whole thing just made sense. There were so many shades of blue; I incorporated them into my pipping to add character and detail. I also made a simplified topographic map of the region, which I then used as a pattern. The topographic sweaters came out rad (and no, they are not camouflage!). Layering is a great way to bring character and individuality to an outfit. I love it when people create their own style. I think it’s a really easy thing to do. I try to make things work together, especially in terms of color and weight. You can easily wear my loose knit sweaters under the suede jacket on a summer evening and be very comfortable. You also have so many textures that give everything depth. I like when guys mix media with layers. A nylon windbreaker worn under the military twill jacket looks incredibly smart. Effortless.

Our pants have a great slim-fitting silhouette. They can be worn in a couple ways: rolled-up above the ankle for those warm, relaxed days. My favorite, however, is leaving them long and letting them gather at the ankle. You can take one pant and get multiple looks. When push comes to shove I love the loose knit sweaters – I wear them a lot. I’m also starting to really get into the bomber jackets.

I travel very light. My Patagonia backpack and Field Scout duffle are all I ever use. Together I can get everything I need and be prepared for anything, wherever I go. I never check bags – carry-on is the way forward. I always take a pair of swim shorts no matter what, a travel jacket (with secure pockets), a book, sketch pad, and pencil.

Venice is a very unique place. I would say the beach is, and always has been my favorite spot. I ride my bike down with my dog Luna to check the surf, and to people-watch. Surfing allows me to quieten my brain, which is a good thing. The surf and beach scene at Venice is what gave birth to Dogtown and that great early skate movement. I love all the creativity and history of the skate scene – it’s very inspiring and original. It still trips me out how much the skate scene influences fashion.”

– Ryan Hartman, wearing Field Scout, photographed by Alexander Atkins in Venice, California. Click here to learn more and shop Field Scout’s latest collection.

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  • James

    Love Field Scout – his pieces are awesome.

  • I really enjoyed reading his thoughts — I am a lover of the Antwerp 6 as well (who isn’t), and appreciate his views on traveling lightly!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  • Laviña Jampit

    good thing he’s not pressured when travelling 🙂