Nick Fouquet, Hatmaker

Tucked away behind a small bungalow on Abbot Kinney (and under the watchful gaze of a hat-donning stag), Nick Fouquet‘s studio is full of surprises. For starters the American-born, French-raised milliner employs rare methods to customize each of his hats – ranging from a moderate splash of paint to setting hats on fire (albeit temporarily). As expected, the result is entirely unique – every time. Known for his signature wide-brimmed stetsons, Fouquet cites Pharrell Williams and Madonna as clients (both wore a custom hat to the Grammys), while Keith Richards and Tom Sawyer serve as serious sources of inspiration.

During my visit it immediately became clear Fouquet’s goal is to create hats that are distinct, but also shaped for the wearer. In-fact, a quick glance around the eclectic and completely functioning workshop will reveal that no two hats are alike, save for one key trait. “I stick matches into many of the bands. It’s just something I did – I liked it, so I still do it.” All the hats are made from beaver fur felt, that is sustainably harvested in Tennessee. Stacked forms fill shelves on one wall – current customers and Fouquet regulars. Picking-up two forms and comparing each, Fouquet noted, “Isn’t it funny. This person’s head is completely round. This one is oval. So different! The forms are used to shape the hats for a good fit.” Fouquet recently made custom hats for a Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren campaign. “I’ve worked with them before – they’re great. I also recently collaborated with Ellen von Unwerth. That was incredible!”

– Nick Fouquet is located at 1629 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90219. To browse the collection and to order your custom hat, click here.


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