Prime Cut – Fur and Menswear

While spring is T-minus 16 days away, you can never really be too prepared for next winter. It’s a matter of basic instinct.

Squirreling away your nuts, so to speak. Not unlike the nuts-thing, wearing fur is a primeval instinct too, and judging by Sharon Stone’s infamous leg-cross I’d say I’m on to something (too naughty?). At this stage I think it best to mention this post is not intended for vegetarians, vegans, the upstairs crowd at the Wholefoods on Bowery, or anyone with PETA-esque tendencies (we can still be friends though – maybe). Still reading? Great! I love you.

For FW/13 men everywhere have something to look forward to, besides leather pants. Fur, fur, and more fur! Back-panelling at Marni, slivers of silver-fox at Fendi, perfect pops of snow leopard at Louis Vuitton, luxurious layered wraps at Maison Martin Margiela – I could easily go on. Simply put fur is unstoppable. Perhaps because there is nothing quite like it. Its look, its touch. Even my most ethical friends would agree the synthetic stuff is awful (not to mention a fire hazard and horrendously static). Essentially fur is the cat’s meow, well – was the cat’s meow. I mean how could you not all fall in love with Vuitton’s leopard? 
My first true encounter with fur was a black Ushanka my father brought back for me from St. Petersburg when I was eight. I still have it – it’s ideal for skiing (just FYI). But besides my own fur-donning sartorial history, what I’m trying to say is I’m excited. Not necessarily for next winter or another NEMO (dear god), but for fur and it’s up-and-coming place in menswear. 
*Above (from left), back-panelling at Marni, silver fox at Fendi, snow leopard at Louis Vuitton. Top (from left) wrap at Maison Martin Margiela, Louis Vuitton’s snow leopard coat. 
what do you think?