Piero Lissoni, Architect & Designer

For architect Piero Lissoni, it seems an insta-world defined by relentless likes, posts and updates is an unlikely reality. Instead, during a brief conversation at his expansive show-space in Brooklyn, Lissoni addressed an internal dichotomy: “I’m more connected with classical life, which is interesting because I’m a total modernist. In 2015 one has to be absolutely contemporary. Of-course I understand the importance of social media, but it isn’t for me. Instead I like to talk and write. I like to send a letter – a postcard!”

A key figure in contemporary furniture design, Lissoni’s trademark style offers ineffable simplicity achieved mostly through stark lines and little fuss. “I update many of my client’s pieces with new designs or improvements – nothing is ever perfect. A successful designer develops strong relationships with his client. You must understand the way they live their life.” Open plan bathrooms with gargantuan tubs (often placed at the foot of the bed) clearly form part of Lissoni’s directional vision for the modern living space. “I like to be understated, and for the general mood to be calm. I love the space we’re showing in here. It reminds me of Soho forty years ago. Magnificent!”

– Piero Lissoni, photographed by Alexander Atkins in Brooklyn, New York. Click here for more details.

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