Why the Sweater Means Business this Summer

Generally speaking, sweaters are the best. Light and easy, they collectively form the backbone of my year-round wardrobe – mostly owed to the fact that I actually enjoy wearing them. What’s more, everyone I know has a favorite, usually the kind that’s nonchalantly thrown-on and otherwise forgotten about. Aside from ease, there’s one particular reason as to why sweaters are so right, right now: The sweater is your new best friend at work, worn either as a sleek alternative to the blazer (especially over a collared shirt), or casually paired with a tee. And if all that wasn’t persuasion enough to click here and grab a few yourself, know this: A classic crewneck works as an excellent barrier to the industrial strength, arctic air conditioners many of us are blasted by for hours on-end throughout summer. The season’s essential indoor layer has arrived.

Crew Neck Sweater / Hogan • Shirt / Eton • Sunglasses / Garrett Leight California Optical • Trousers / Acne • Lace-Ups / Want Les Essentiels de la Vie • Photography / Justin Duplantis


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