Four Fresh Fragrances for Spring

If you are anything like me, then the one thing you’ll actively be scouring various grooming departments for this spring is a season-appropriate scent. Why? Here’s the thing: spring triggers an innate need to hit ‘refresh’, be it in our wardrobes, at work, in our relationships, or even on our skin. And so, in the spirit of lightening-up, a review of four fresh fragrances, below:

Lacoste’s newly released Eau de Lacoste Jaune packs a pretty punch, partly owed to its bottle doubling as an instant mood enhancer, but mostly because it’s so damn sweet. Grapefruit and pink peppercorn make way for a fresh blend of apple, ground coriander, vetiver and smokey cypress. In a word: Youthful.

Edition Noire by Valentino is intriguing enough, if only for it being a be-studded object. But there’s more: Crafted by perfumer Olivier Polge, the bottle contains a delicate blend of fine accords, zesty bergamot, hints of myrtle, coffee, and gianduja cream that mix, creating a well-rounded oeuvre made for balmy evenings. In a word: Debonair.

For Nuit d’Issey, Miyake worked with perfumers Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong to bottle the purity of a moonlit night. A combination of notes including tangy citrus accord, bergamot, sparkling grapefruit, black pepper, vetiver and sweet tonka bean, blend to complement the otherwise leathery undertones at the core of this fragrance. In a word: Bewitching.

 Jo Malone’s limited edition, punk-inspired Birch and Black Pepper Cologne envelops its wearer in a smooth blend of cardamom, smoky birch, and gurjum. The result is undeniably bold – which invariably means it’s become a new favorite. (I also love how mobile it is.) In a word: Eccentric.

lacoste-jaune issey-miyake-mens-fragrance jo-malone-birch-black-pepper-cologne valentino-mens-fragrance

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