It’s All Who You Follow

I never understood the concept of #FOMO until I got an iPhone. But now I get it. The key to it all is in the follow.

Certainly as a blogger, but more broadly as a human being living on planet earth, social media has become a key aspect of modern life. There are countless channels to view, be inspired, follow, be followed – you get the point. And if you are anything like me then choices, my friend, are difficult to make. 

In an effort to manage the constant barrage of virtual noise, I use Bloglovin’. It is hands down the best way to keep track of your favorite fashion personalities and websites. Plus it’s easy (which I’m all about). The user-friendly layout means your online life becomes drastically de-cluttered, which may or may not contribute to better organization in real life (you know, that thing offline?). I follow a plethora of sites and bloggers, but am particularly fond of Olsens Anonymous, The Dandy Project (who I also featured here), Mau Fashion, and Selectism. I have also been known to follow any-and-everything Doutzen Kroes, which explains why I somewhat randomly included the above snap from the March issue of W Magazine (shot by Mario Sorrenti). If you are feeling terribly generous why not follow Mr Essentialist on Bloglovin’ by clicking here
And in semi-related news (but mostly because I aspire to become like Michael Douglas in A Perfect Murder – although hopefully sans murder), I thought I’d share Terry Richardson’s snap of Ashley and Michael at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Conveniently, you can also follow Terry’s Diary on Bloglovin’. They really do think of everything… 
what do you think?