Play Time: Commes des Garçons x Converse

While news of a Commes des Garçons Play x Converse collaboration may be dated, isn’t news still newsworthy if relevant?

For me nothing is more pertinent than easy day-in-day-out shoes. And while living in New York inherently means being on-the-go, these kicks, dear reader, are the ultimate go-to on-the-go shoes. I know you might really be feeling your Nike high-tops or current Lanvin suede sneakers, but recently I’m all about wearing my heart on my feet. Besides, these hearts have eyes (which means they’re actually things) – how could I possibly resist?

Of course everyone did the regular Chucks thing throughout high school (I did the Miu Miu variation, they sadly died in grade twelve). But it was my St. Andrews landlord who really upped the ante wearing white converse paired with a classic steel Rolex (in a I’m-severely-aristocratic kind of way). Basically I dug it, and still do. 
So the point is; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if you really must do something, collaborate, and add some Japanese designer hearts. 
*Commes des Garçons Play x Converse are machine-washable (yay!) and available at Barneys. Click here  for details.
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