How To Wear Grey This Winter

It began with a leather bomber. Tailored to a tee and exceptionally buttery, the jacket launched my full-fledged obsession with all things grey. Now, five years and countless acquisitions later, I realize just how intuitive wearing my favorite color has become, especially where coats are concerned. Of course I still gravitate towards the navy and black options, but a grey-toned palette invariably steals the show – it’s soothing, never too stark and so damn crisp! What’s more, grey has that unique ability to sharpen a look, often drastically and always for the better.

As for actually wearing grey, I tend to choose one piece (max two – avoid over doing it) to pair with a select group of complimentary tones. In this case Tomorrowland‘s wool-blend overcoat is a perfect match for Marni‘s sleek crewneck, which I wore layered above a fitted white shirt and a classic pair of black jeans. In short, I avoid playing the match game (I always fail), but rather work to create contrast. I think that’s the trick…

Grey Overcoat / Tomorrowland • Jeans / Acne Studios • White Shirt / Vardama • Sunglasses / Garrett Leight California Optical • Knit Beanie / WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie • Shoes / Polyforma • Photography / Justin Duplantis

mens-black-leather-sneakersovercoat-mens-winter-style grey-mens-winter-style grey-overcoat-mens-style

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