Weekend in The City

Weekends spent exploring New York have serious perks. Really getting to know a string of neighborhoods (plus my own) has meant building a catalogue of favorite spots scattered throughout the city. In a new series starting here, I’ll be sharing quick and regular updates of places and things to enjoy.

Swallow Café: A recent mosey along the picture perfect brownstone-lined streets of Brooklyn Heights ended at Swallow, where deciding between an espresso and a hot chocolate proved impossible. Great people watching too, which is everything really.

Gold Bar: Back in Manhattan, the Gold Bar at The Edition is becoming a fast favorite (this undoubtedly owed to the favorable uplighting, plus the postcard views of Madison Square from the penthouse suites). Unsurprisingly the drinks are divine, but the purple billiard room easily steals the show.

Then there’s the endless supply of mosaics and tiles everywhere you look, each offering serious #ihavethisthingwithfloors inspo and offering me a chance to show-off my newest sneakers. But as for absolute favorites, I love New York for its streets. Walking home down the seemingly endless avenues while the sun lazily sets simply can’t be beat.

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