The Freemans Sporting Club Barbershop Experience

Shaving, like most routine things, can become quite the chore. If you do it in a rush your haste will likely show-up on your face (nicks, cuts, razor burn, etc). Enter the barber shop – a sanctuary unapologetically dedicated to grooming. I recently ventured to Freemans Sporting Club in the Lower East Side for a glass of Dewar’s (neat, in case you’re wondering) and a shave. Several hot towels, layers of Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum, and one razor-sharp blade later I emerged whisker-less. My host for the afternoon, Dewar’s National Brand Ambassador Gabe Cardarella, also went under the knife:

“It’s tricky to maintain my facial hair on the road without a proper barber. I’m a five o’clock shadow guy. Anything less and people wonder if I’m even old enough to drink whisky. Can’t have that! The experience at the Barbershop is always pleasant. They know exactly what to do and make the whole thing seem like a relaxing process versus a routine. Sipping on Dewar’s 12 during my sprucing only added to the overall experience. I rarely pause for these types of things when traveling,  which made the whole process more enjoyable. I’m a big fan of Kiehl‘s products. I use their Oatmeal Face Scrub and Lotion before and after I trim or shave. When I travel (which is often) I can’t live without my Ray-Bans, Kiehl’s travel size kit and a good pair of lace up shoes from Last Size.

One of the great things about Dewar’s is its range. Each whisky in our portfolio can be enjoyed a number of different ways. Dewar’s White Labels starts sweet and finishes spicy (my go-to with ice or ginger beer). Dewar’s 12 Year is very smooth and nicely rounded – perfect with a large block of ice. Dewar’s 18 and Signature are fantastic whiskies on their own, but I usually add a dash of water to both.”

– Because I know you’re going, “what’s involved in a visit to a barbershop?” I asked Freemans Sporting Club’s Mark Migues to recount each step used to create Gabe’s signature look:

“Men with sensitive skin will want to apply a pre-shave oil before they shave. This will allow the razor to slip over their skin without causing irritation. Be careful when going over the same spot many times. Keep the strokes to a minimum – the more the razor touches the skin, the more your chances are of getting razor burn. Never press hard. Many of my clients come to me thinking more pressure equals a closer shave. Too much pressure means you’re just shaving your skin raw.

For Gabe’s visit I started with a hot towel. Then I applied Schultz & Malley‘s Pre-Shave Oil followed by Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum and another hot towel (which everyone loves). At Freemans we use hot foam to shave – which is followed by another hot towel to remove any residue. I finished with a cold towel and a generous application of Schultz & Malley‘s After Shave Balm. Moisturizer should be applied throughout the day to avoid dryness. I like Gentleman’s Brand Co‘s Daily Moisturizer. It’s super soothing.”

– Freeman’s Sporting Club Barbershop is located at 8 Rivington Street, New York. Enjoy a glass of Dewar’s and a shave for $50.00. For appointments call 212 673 3209 or click here. Photos by Moises De Pena.


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