Famous Faces: The Canine Diaries

It’s Monday and you’ve found yourself staring at some dogs dressed as celebrities. See, Monday’s aren’t that bad – right?

If anything these incredible images should transport you back to a time when you and your dog (I’m guessing unwillingly – although Giggy Vanderpump might disagree) played dress-up. Because let’s be real, we’ve all done the dog-dress-up thing. I mean our family golden retriever practically lived in a pair of Ray-Ban aviators and loved it (I think).

In the spirit of man’s obsession to play doggie-dress-up, the illustrators at Takkoda have developed a series of mostly canine impersonations that bring to life some of our favorite current and historical celebs. The digitally remastered images use real dogs and highlight their real personalities. I mean how impressive is Karl’s starched collar, or Albert’s iconic hair (which serves as serious hairspiration)? Very.
*Famous Faces (teNeues) is available online. Click here for details.
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