Breezy Living

A recent return to California has meant several things: 1.) better weather, 2.) delicious guacamole, and 3.) chill-dressing.

So your probably thinking – what on earth is chill-dressing? Well, it’s not the same as dressing-down or being hyper-casual (which usually involves some type of cashmere sweat-suit) per se. For me it’s all about wide-cut slouchy pants and loose-fitted jackets – potentially camouflage, probably boxy. The whole thing should convey a sense of ease, comfort and style.  

Chill-dressing is important, mainly because constricting clothes are the worst. Sure, there’s a time and a place to feel sausaged by a suit and tie, or bound-in by skinny jeans. But on the flip-side there’s also a time for loose breezy clothes – and that doesn’t include linen kaftans or moo-moos (despite what André Leon Talley may say). For some extremely laid-back individuals, chill-time is most of the time. What’s more, chillfits (aka chill-outfits) can provide some of the most inspiring street-style ever (think MK looking mildly homeless) and even better urban dictionary entries!. 
A recent pillage of ASOS left me with some great basics and these Vivienne Westwood Man drop-crotch chinos. They are ideal in that they manage to retain a level of tailored structure. Besides that (that being a big deal), they work well with a basic v-neck and a Camille K toggle bracelet – all thrown in for good measure.
*Wearing Vivienne Westwood Man drop-crotch chinos, Civilianaire camouflage jacket, Comme des Garçons Play x Converse shoes, and  Camille K toggle bracelet.
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